Venture Capital is money for new, young, or small businesses that typically have little or no access to Banks or Capital Markets. There are three general types of venture capital: seed capital, for ideas that have not yet come to market; early-stage capital, for companies in their first or second stages of existence; and expansion-stage financing, for companies that need to grow beyond a certain point to become truly successful. Partnering with a venture capital firm can provide the money, connections, and skills someone need to go to the next stage of business.

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The ultimate goal of venture capitalists is to create value through investing in early-stage or start-up companies with strong high-growth potential and with an innovative, disruptive business model or product. Venture capital support entrepreneurs in finding and developing their business model so that they can bring their product to market, satisfy a business or consumer need and create genuine value.

Please feel free to apply for investment.We'll evaluate your proposal by following below steps. Organization Mail

There are different types of venture capital funding depending on the maturity of the business. The stages of venture capital investment are: Seed: Seed funding is essentially equity-based funding, which requires investors to invest money into the business at the very early stages. In return for the investment, the investor is given an equity stake. An equity stake is a share of the business. Start-up: Financing provided to companies for use in product development and initial marketing. Companies may be in the process of being setup or may have been in business for a short time, but have not yet sold their product commercially. Other early stage: Financing provided to companies that have completed the product development stage and require further funds to initiate commercial manufacturing and sales. They may not yet be generating profits. Late-stage venture: Financing provided to companies that have reached a fairly stable growth rate; that is, not growing as fast as the rates attained in the early stage. These companies may or may not be profitable, but are more likely to be than in previous stages of development. Expansion: Sometimes known as ‘development’ or ‘growth’ capital, provided for the growth and expansion of an operating company which is trading profitably. Capital may be used to finance increased production capacity, market or product development, and to provide additional working capital.

Please feel free to apply for investment.We'll evaluate your proposal by following below steps. Organization Mail

Essentially, Adot Curve Ventures Limited use its investment to buy stakes and positions within new companies. This means that while the company accepting the investment is not required to repay the investment capital, Adot Curve Ventures Limited expects capital gains in return. The new business gets a large amount of money to grow operations and development while the entity making the investment is granted an active management role to guide the company toward success.

Please feel free to apply for investment.We'll evaluate your proposal by following below steps. Organization Mail

Once the investment has been made, Adot Curve Ventures Limited should be viewed as a partner. In terms of the aforementioned management position, this may come in the form of a seat on the company’s board of directors or via contributions to management decisions. It is the goal of Adot Curve Ventures Limited to see a return on the initial investment every year.

Please feel free to apply for investment.We'll evaluate your proposal by following below steps. Organization Mail

From a purely financial standpoint, a venture capitalist brings much needed funds into the company without any regular repayment required. The venture capitalist should not be considered some kind of lender, as venture capitalist shares your hope for the company’s success. This means the company gets access to his or her network, experience and sense of discipline. This is not to mention the fact that the presence of a venture capitalist in your company gives it added credibility in the larger industry.

Please feel free to apply for investment.We'll evaluate your proposal by following below steps. Organization Mail

Funding Opportunities:

If you have-

1. A Unique /Innovative Idea
2. A Rock-Solid Business Plan.
3. Individual/Team.
4. Market Research.
5. Product Prototype.
6. Initial Investment.
7. A Strong Narrative.
8. Business Readiness.
9. Clear Knowledge on: What You Need, Where It Will Go, And When They’ll Get It Back.
10. A Clear Investment Structure.

We'll evaluate your proposal by following below steps:

The initial step in approaching a Venture Capital is to submit a business plan. The plan should include the below points: There should be an executive summary of the business proposal Description of the opportunity and the market potential and size Review on the existing and expected competitive scenario Detailed financial projections Details of the management of the company There is detailed analysis done of the submitted plan, by the Venture Capital to decide whether to take up the project or no.

Once the preliminary study be done by Adot Curve Ventures Limited, and if they find the project as per their preferences, there will be a one-to-one meeting that will be called for discussing the project in detail. After the meeting Adot Curve Ventures Limited will finally decides whether or not to move forward to the due diligence stage of the process

After a proposal has passed the preliminary screening, a detailed evaluation of the proposal will take place. A detailed study of the project profile, track record of the entrepreneur, market potential, technological feasibility, future turnover, profitability, etc. will be undertaken. Adot Curve Ventures Limited consider factors in the entrepreneur’s background, especially in terms of integrity, long-term vision, urge to grow managerial skills and business orientation. They will also consider the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial skills, technical competence, manufacturing and marketing abilities and experience. Further, the project’s viability in terms of product, market and technology will examined.

The due diligence phase varies depending upon the nature of the business proposal. This process involves solving queries related to customer references, product and business strategy evaluations, management interviews, and other such exchanges of information during this time period

If the due diligence phase is satisfactory, Adot Curve Ventures Limited will offer a term sheet, which is a non-binding document explaining the basic terms and conditions of the investment agreement. The term sheet is generally negotiable and must be agreed upon by all parties, after which on completion of legal documents and legal due diligence, funds are made available.

If the deal is financed and the venture begins working, Adot Curve Ventures Limited will associates itself with the enterprise as a partner and collaborator in order to ensure that the enterprise is operating as per the plan. The venture capitalist’s participation in the enterprise is generally through a representation in the Board of Directors or informal influence in improving the quality of marketing, finance and other managerial functions. Generally, the venture capitalist does not meddle in the day-to-day working of the enterprise, it intervenes when a financial or managerial crisis takes place.

The last stage of venture capital financing is the exit to realize the investment so as to make a profit/minimize losses. Adot Curve Ventures Limited should make an exit plan, determining precise timing of exit that would depend on a myriad of factors, such as the nature of the venture, the extent and type of financial stake, the state of actual and potential competition, market conditions, etc. Also, there are various exit options for Venture Capital to cash out their investment:
a) IPO/Stock Market.
b) Promoter buyback.
c) Mergers and Acquisitions.
d) Sale to another strategic investor.

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